About Me

When I first discovered my anger management issues, I was in denial and did not immediately seek professional help. I thought it was just a phase in my life especially with work stress and family drama during my twentys.

Apparently, suppressing how I felt made everything worse and evolved into a serious mental health problem. I still see my therapist up to this day, but one of her suggestions is to write as many thoughts as possible. I started by buying a journal that I was able to fill in just two weeks, so I needed something that would allow me to write more. It is a good thing blogging was already a thing back then and it gave me all the advantage of technology to help me during the most difficult times of my life. My brain could not keep up with a pen and paper but typing let me release all the tension building up before I even exploded.

I hope you find value in my daily entry and that you can apply the techniques that I have shared and will share in the future for you to overcome whatever is bothering you. Let us all accept ourselves for war and for peace.